How bail bonds and warrants work

If you know that you have a warrant out for your arrest, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. The far better course of action is to take care of it as quickly as possible. For many warrants you can do that with a bail bond and a walkthrough, where you don’t actually have to spend time in jail.

Here’s how that works.

The basics of a walkthrough

In a walkthrough, you’re getting booked as if you’re going to jail—but you never actually do. Instead, you’re allowed to go directly to your bail hearing, get your bail posted and walk free.

First you’re going to want to talk to a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman can get some details on the type of warrant and the amount of the bond. Then they can arrange a bond beforehand so you never actually have to spend any time in jail.

Most warrants can be settled with a walkthrough, but there are a few that can’t. You may not be able to do a walkthrough in some cases of assault, domestic violence or protective orders.

In Oklahoma County, there are specific hours of the morning set aside for surrenders where you can turn yourself in and do a walkthrough. You can arrange the bond in the morning then go on the 1:30 PM docket for the bond hearing, after which you can do processing and go free on bail.

If you want to do a walkthrough warrant, you’ll have to call the bondsman in enough time to arrange the walkthrough. In other counties it may be more lenient, but Oklahoma County only accepts surrenders between 8 and 10 AM, and you need to allow time for the bondsman to do their homework. Make sure you give them some lead time.

Walkthrough warrants in the OKC metro

If you have a warrant out in your name in the Oklahoma City metro, don’t worry. Mr. Bail Bonds may be able to arrange a walkthrough warrant and keep you out of jail. Call us today and find out what makes us the right choice for your bail bond.