Are bail bonds open on weekends?

Calendar highlighting weekend

Ever wondered if bail bonding services are available on the weekend? If you have a friend or family member arrested on the weekend, do you need to wait until Monday to start the bail process?

When you need bail bonding services, you don’t want to worry about whether it’s a weekday or not. The good news is that you can get a bail bond on weekends and even holidays. In Oklahoma specifically, you can bail someone out of Oklahoma County Jail any day of the week. Even on holidays like Christmas, the jail has to be staffed, so you can still post bail.

Here’s how that process typically works. You call a bail bondsman like Mr. Bail Bonds & Co. You have a friend or family member in jail, so you don’t want to wait. You can call us whether it’s a weekday, a weekend, or a holiday.

We are available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And on the off chance that we don’t answer right away, just leave a message and we’ll get back with you quickly.

After we talk with you, assuming you qualify as a cosigner, have your payment, and have everything else we let you know we need, we will have a meeting at our office. At that point, we’ll do a longer interview and fill out paperwork. That’s the point at which you cosign for the bail bond and make the payment.

After that, we go write the bond. Our office is located very close to the Oklahoma County Jail, so we’re able to get over there very quickly after the meeting. After that, it’s not immediate but you’re released from the jail. Often that happens within 12-24 hours, but obviously the process at that point is out of our control.

Wondering what affects the overall timeline? Here are just a few things that can impact the process:

  • Whether or not an attorney referred you
  • The size of your bond (i.e. the money needed)
  • The collateral you have available
  • A variety of other minor factors

The bottom line? If your friend or family needs a bail bondsman in Oklahoma on a weekend or even a holiday, the bail bonds process can be started immediately. There’s no need to wait until a weekday.